To prevent something means to stop something from happening. We work to see prevention through awareness. 

One Heart works to raise awareness about the methods and dangers of prostitution and “loverboys” (pimps pretending to be boyfriends) through a prevention program aimed at high-risk kids, teens and adults.


When more people come together to learn, awareness is raised on anti modern day slavery, the anti-slavery movement gains energy and strength. Educate yourself, your friends, and your neighbors. Get in touch with us if you are interested in educating a group you are apart of!
We provide workshops about human trafficking issues, abuse, addictions and more.


*IWF Annual Report 2016: Every nine minutes that webpage shows a child being sexually abused.

*Tatinaat is one of estimated 40.3 million people in modern slavery around the world, including 10 million


*50% of Human Trafficking victims are less than 16- years old.