Every single person matters!

One Heart is a not-for-profit organization that is helping people in need. We go into dark places and help people be set free. We reach out to lost, forgotten, and broken people that hardly anyone cares about. We primarily focus on women stuck in prostitution and human trafficking.

One Heart in action

Our main activities focus on prevention, outreach, aftercare, awareness, and fundraising.


We visit schools to teach and warn children and teenagers about the following subjects:

- Prostitution
- Human trafficking
- Loverboys
- Porn
- Puberty
- Sexuality
- Abortion
- Sexting
- Child abuse
- Internet dangers
- Cigarettes
- Alcohol
- Drugs

Children, especially in poorer countries, often have no clue about these matters. These, unfortunately, are subjects that are not often discussed in schools. So we work together with schools by teaching their kids. We talk openly with the children and teenagers and try not to have any taboos. We give them tools so they can stand firm against whatever life will throw at them.

We have been doing this in Eastern and Western Europe, in countries like Romania, Hungary, The Netherlands, and Belgium.

We would love to come to your school and help out. Please contact us if you want to talk to us about teaching subjects like these at your school!


We go into red-light districts, brothels, sex clubs, and pubs to reach out to women in need. They are often forced to work there against their will. Even if they would be physically able to escape, often they do not, because the pimps tell them they will kill their family if they leave.

We go into these dark places to:
- Show they are loved
- Give them hope
- Show a way out
- Give support mentally and physically
- Pray for them
- Give them presents
- Build relationships to build trust


We visit people that were set free in order to:
- Help them build a new life
- Give support (mentally and physically)
- Pray for them
- Give them presents
- Give counseling
- Help them find a new home, job, or school
- Give them food or financial aid


We visit schools, churches, and small groups, where we teach and create awareness on things like:
- What is One Heart
- What do we do
- Human trafficking
- Prostitution
- Global and local updates
- Ways to get involved

So far, we have done this mainly in Western Europe, especially The Netherlands and Belgium. But we are open to any invitations worldwide. Please contact us if you would like us to come to your school, church, or organization!


To help fund our activities, we sometimes organize sponsor days to create awareness and ask people to support us. We have had people do sponsor runs or walks, in which they have friends and family sponsor them for the distance they achieve by donating money that goes to One Heart.

How you can help

Do you want to help us reach people in need? Awesome!

We understand that it is not for everyone to go with us in the streets and schools, but there are still many ways to help...

- Give a financial donation. Every Euro, Dollar, etc., will help reach more people.

- Organize a local sponsorship activity. Feel free to contact us for help.

- Invite us to your organization. Get your school or church enthusiastic about One Heart and what we do.

- Pray for us!

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